Etwinning Projekte der Schule

Seit 2013 nimmt unsere Schule an den internationalen etwinning Projekten teil. Hier ist die Liste dieser Projekte. Über den link kann man auf diese Seiten zugreifen.

new year postcard exchange between special education schools   24.10.2018

I UNDERSTAND YOU   05.06.2018

a day in our school    23.08.2013

a mutual calender of the europ   09.03.2015

Time flies away quickly. We cant bring bach the time passed but we can know each other…We aim to design a joint europen calender which will be consisted of 12 months with 12 different designs by 12 different countries. The aim is to learn and meet a diffrerent country in each…

Buildings for Inclusion, Buildings for Exclusion     23.09.2014

A study of architectural projects from ancient times up to date, that have been used to bring people together in worship, study, socialising etc., compared with buildings that have been used to segregate and exclude people, both from each other and from culturally acceptable pursuits.

Christmas greeting cards   16.11.2013

Digital tales from our Country!   21.10.2014

Drama Yoluyla Kaynaşıyoruz / We are socializing through drama   12.12.2017

Family at school   25.09.2017

Focus: Inclusion   18.10.2016

Fun to play, fun to participate    06.09.2016

games and sports    05.12.2011   Comenius Projekt mit Deutschland, Italien, Spanien, Belgien und Bulgarien


Hobbys – Stadt – Land   11.09.2016   Die SchülerInnen stellen ihre Hobbys, ihre Stadt und ihr Land vor.


There are many living things that we cannot see in our environment. Our students will have the chance to realize various observations and the existence of living creatures that are not visible through eyes by means of this project. Through this project our student will be able to observe invisible


The aims of this project are connected with the rules we should follow in every day life to achieve more health and less illness. Teachers should find their own way to deal with the subject, after asking their students-maybe using a brainstorming-because motivation gives us a lot of enthusiasm


We plan to share our traditional games with other countries and learn others‘. To get more info please keep in touch with us.

my museum in my school   21.11.2017

students will make their museum in their schools. In doing so, they will cooperate with branches such as history, geography, art, history of art and technology design. At the same time as our students perform this project, it is necessary to increase their own history Knowledge


Our project is about discovering the types of exclusion in schools. We want to learn the type of exclusions so as to eliminate the problems in front of an inclusive education , and provide a productive , equal educational atmosphere in company with diversity and differences of students .

One Box, One Country   27.09.2017


Examination and analysis of the basics of art therapy (AT), putting an accent on its effects on children with SEN and discover ways to enrich their emotional, social adaptation and improving the learning abilities . The cooperation therapy and teachers helps children to include new abilities in their daily live.

Technologies for students with special education needs    21.09.2015

The history of my town in 100 objects     17.09.2015

In this project students would learn all kind of information about archaeological artifacts, traditional technological tools, fine arts, native botanic species, literature works, etc which have been developped in their town through the years. Pupils from several High Schools from partner european countries have to share Information

tools for special students    20.10.2014

Traditionelle Kinderspiele „Allein macht kein spass, lass uns mitspielen“   28.05.2017

‘Sport, Health, Personal Development for All‘   30.10.2017

The project „Sport, Health, Personal Development For All“ aims to achieve an intensive collaboration between educational institutions in several European countries, aiming at developing links between European schools, promoting a program for organized sports activities, reducing absenteeism and promoting a style healthy living, solving problems related to violence and aggression

Besuch 2017 bei der Partnerschule in Vratsa, Bulgarien

Besuch 2017 bei der Partnerschule in Vratsa, Bulgarien.

Bei unserem letzten Besuch hatten wir beispielsweise drei Seminare / Co-teaching mit den Themen:

Sportmöglichkeiten mit Luftballon in einem Klassenzimmer waren für die Schüler völlig ungewohnt. Der Luftballon soll beispielsweise mit jedem einzelnen Finger berührt und hoch geschubst werden. dabei wird vorwärts und rückwärts bis 10 gezählt. Wenn der Ball über dem Tisch dem Partner zugeworfen ist, dann muss der werfer schnell unter dem Tisch auf die andere seite krabbeln. Da bei diesen Spielen sehr viel Disziplin und Kommunikation untereinander notwendig ist lernen diese Kinder „so nebenbei“ eine ganze Menge, die dann im normalen Unterricht sehr hilfreich ist.

Die Resourcen Centren hatten aus England 120 alte Rollstühle geschenkt bekommen, aber leider keine Ahung, wie diese dann für Aktivfahrer passend eingestellt werden sollten. Eine Einführung in die individuelle Einstellung von Rollstühlen und Grundübungen zum Überwinden von Hindernissen war so dringend nötig.